Paul Vyhnalek - Eight Steps To Selling For Top Dollar

  1. Not everyone has a clearly defined reason to sell or time frame to accomplish the sale. Determining whether you need to sell prior to purchasing your replacement home and capitalizing on contingencies throughout the process. Here at the PVRE, we specialize in whats called "concurrent closings". After all, nobody wants to move twice but when the pressure is on sometimes profit affecting decisions are compromised. Ask us about it and we'll discuss your options. 
  2. Determining the listing and target sales price. This may sound easy but did you know as of this writing approximately 22.3% of homes that go on the market fail to sell and greater than 50% have had to reduce they're asking price one or more times. This raises questions in buyers minds and reduces the marketability to sell for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Pricing strategy is a crucial part of the over all marketing and promotion strategy to sell for Top Market Price. Ask us why, we're happy to discuss it with you. Conventional wisdom does not always achieve your desired result. 
  3. Preparing your home for promotion and showing. I could put a whole lot of words here but suffice it to say that amazing first impressions are imperative to acquiring top market price. We want every buyer to get a smile on their face when they pull up. Keep it there during the entire home tour and leave saying "Lets get an offer written up before someone else does". We're experts at this and have professional staggers on our team to help you showcase your home. Oh, don't let the idea of "Staging" scare you. It comes in many forms both simple and exuberant but we'll never let you waste a dime that won't bring you an amazing return on your efforts and or money. 
  4. Getting the word out. Another specialty of ours. Once you've got the 3 "M's" lined up (Message, market and the medium) you've got to implement systems to get it in front of the right people through targeted marketing to qualified buyers. In order to get the highest price, you need multiple offers. In order to get multiple offers you need lots of showings and in order to get lots of showings we need the message of all the features and benefits of your home in front of lots and lots of people.      
  5. Offer, offers, offers. Everyone wants an offer. But all offers aren't created equal. You only need offers from serious, qualified buyers who will perform as stated. The Residential Purchase Agreement or RPA contains all their terms and timelines of the buyers offer. Your agent will need to review it with you in detail to make sure you understand clearly what you're getting into if you agree to it. Also discuss any counter offer issues that need to be completed to come to a full agreement on terms between you the seller and the buyer. Also it is imperative to review the supporting documentation and speak with the buyers lender to double check the buyers ability to perform. Clearly understanding "Possession and contingencies is critical. 
  6. Negotiating to sell. Most offers to purchase your home will require some negotiating in order to get to a win-win agreement. Your real estate agent should be well versed on the intricacies of the contracts used in our area and will protect your best interest throughout the process. Note: Less than 1% of agents in North America have the CNE designation which stands for Certified Negotiation Expert. As a CNE, I am fully prepared to negotiate your interests at all times and through all stages of the transaction. 
  7. Closing Escrow. Sometimes this isn't for the faint of heart. Having a team od industry professional who will stay on top of every detail af every aspect of your transaction is very important. It's very difficult for a solo agent to handle the complexity of your biggest asset sale and the rest of their business. A team helps insure a better, smoother outcome for you. 
  8. Close the deal. "Closing" refers to the meeting where ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer. In our area the sellers and buyers rarely meet at "The Closing Table" as described in movies and performed in reality in many states. You'll have and escrow company, title company and your realtor who will work together to make sure every "T is crossed and every I is dotted". You'll receive a sellers "estimate" which will give you a very close proximity if your costs and most importantly what you'll net from the sale of your home. Also if you're selling and buying coordination between these same team members will insure everything goes smoothly.